How to Keep Your Pet Safe

Your pet is as much a part of the family as the kids or anyone else. As such, you want them to be well cared for day in and day out. It is not always easy to keep pets safe when it seems that so much is out there to cause them harm. But, with love, attention, and a bit of knowledge, you can keep your dog, cat, or other pet safe and protected.

Tip One: Keep Pets Inside

Unless you have a large fenced in backyard, your pets should be kept inside most of the time. Dogs need to be outdoors to run and get fresh air, but it can get cold outside at night, it isn’t very comfortable, and there is always the risk that someone will petnap your animal!

Tip Two: Use Boarding Service

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When you need to leave town, even for a short period of time, don’t leave your dog at home. You can arrange for your pet to stay at a dog boarding denver co facility where he’ll get the food, play tie, and attention that he needs and deserves while you’re away. Pet owners need this peace of mind.

Tip Three: Schedule an Appointment at the Veterinarian

Your pet needs regular veterinarian care to stay healthy. Make sure you take him in annually for a checkup, as well as for shots, flea and tick treatments, and other needs. A vet can ensure that your pet is in the best health!

Tip Four: Use a Leash

Colorado law states that pets must be kept on a leash anytime they’re outdoors. Make sure you abide by this law. Not only does it reduce fines, it reduces worry as well. There is reduced risk that your pet will become injured or otherwise inebriated when he is kept on a leash.