Pet Urine Can Damage Your Lungs

We all love our pets and would do anything to protect them and keep them safe. But many pet owners do not take the proper steps to protect themselves and their family against pet urine. Whether you’re the proud owner of a dog or a cat, their urine contains ammonia that is a known irritant to the lungs.

If inhaled in larger amounts, ammonia can burn the nose, the throat, and irritate the respiratory tract. The longer that a person is exposed to the smell, the more symptoms they may experience. Skin irritation, lightheadedness, and headaches are among the symptoms. For people with weakened immune systems, the risks of ammonia are even more.  Furthermore, the ammonia in pet urine can cause eye irritation, including permanent eye damage if exposure takes place for prolonged periods of time.

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Pet owners should take the appropriate steps to keep urine out of their home carpeting. A wet vac is the best way to remove urine in the carpets. Make sure you remove the urine as soon as it occurs, or as soon as it is noticed. Use an odor neutralizer on the floor each week as well. And, of course, make sure to call the help of professionals. It is easy to hire an expert to provide pet urine removal portland and when you do, there is enhanced peace of mind and comfort that you’d otherwise be without. Professionals have the tools and expertise to effective remove pet urine from the carpet. They can ensure that the ammonia from pet urine does not cause anyone in the home any sort of health problems as well as extend the durability and the lifetime of your carpet. Costs to remove pet urine by professional means is reasonable and the responsible way to handle this common problem.