Tips for your camping trip

Are you new in camping? If yes, it might not be easy spending time in the dark amongst nature after having spent all your life in luxury and comforts of civilization. It is, however, nothing to be afraid of, especially if you have the right knowledge on camping. Below are tips that will enable you to make fantastic camping memories, not horror stories of how hundreds of bugs bit you. Read on.

Camping tips

  • What happens if you did not carry a grill? A rake can be used for more than one use in such a situation. Use it to cook all your hot dogs.
  • You do not have to carry lunch boxes, they are heavy and occupy more space, instead, wrap all your foods in foil. If packaged correctly a foil makes food stay fresh longer.
  • What do we use for a fire starter? It is simple, dip cotton pads in wax.
  • To avoid losing your keys especially in boating activities, attach them to a cork.
  • Pre-made pancakes will help. Make pancake batter the day before the camping day. Store enough batter a single pancake and freeze them.
  • Use rosemary in place of marinade, how is this done? Place the rosemary above the charcoal and beneath the meat.
  • Did you carry your valuables along? Make a deep hole in your soap and fit them inside. This is how boy scouts do it; it might work for you as well.
  • You do not need to carry speakers, place your phone in a mug; it will produce the sound of a speaker. For the best results, use a ceramic cup.
  • You will meet mosquitoes out there, deal with them best with a natural repellent. Do not waste money buying repellents. Source a natural herb that keeps mosquitoes away and you will be fully protected from mosquito bites. The herb chases away mosquitoes when it comes in contact with fire.
  • You cannot do without spices? Well, your food does not need to be dull because you are out camping. Use a Tic Tac container to carry all the spices you want.
  • Are you camping in a cold campsite? Here is a trick, sleep on the clothes you are planning to wear the following morning. It is a great way of warming your clothes. It is a trick used by winter campers, and it works just amazing. The tips above and much more make your first time camping experience memorable. You will be looking forward to the next camping day if you properly utilize them.