When You Have To Go Away, You Take Your Dog Here


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And so it goes. Every once in a while you just have to get away. Maybe you put this sort of thing off in the past. You could not stand to look at that poor feller’s eyes when you walked out the front door. Not that you needed to, you were rankled with guilt. How dare you leave the house and leave old Fido all by himself even for just a few hours. It’s like a lifetime of waiting for him in dog ear years. And leaving it up to your neighbor or the kid down the road to babysit while you’re away just doesn’t cut it either.

The thing is, they don’t understand him the way you do. They’ll try their best, but they just won’t get it right. And it’s happened before, hasn’t it, the naughty one takes advantage of the aw shucks sentiments of the sitters. You know this well enough, because he’s been trying his luck with you too, disciplined or not. It’s a dog’s life. And dogs will always be dogs. Believe this or not, there’s one thing about domesticated dogs that you really ought to know for sure.

They will never, ever be comfortable being left on their own. Or parted from their master. Or mistress. As the case may be. The case is this. You’ve got to get away. Now, no problem, because you can drop him off at the overnight dog daycare penn yan ny center. It’s like leaving your kid at child day care during the day when you’re off to work. And that’s now another thing. Just what do they get up to when you’re at the office. Never you mind that now. Here’s your minder.