Where will you find the cutest puppies in the world?

The trouble with puppies, if it could be put to you this way, is that they grow up. And while they are still so very small and cute they throw up. They throw up a lot. Actually, they don’t. It is over to the master or the mistress of the house to make sure that this does not happen. It is recommended by most dog breeders that you and the little one engage in a few weeks, or months, of training. During this time, you and your new puppy are taught a few little tricks. And the most important one? Actually, there’s a couple. You need to learn how to discipline your dog from the get go so it doesn’t get so wild and excited.

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And end up throwing up on the carpet. And another thing is this. You will learn how to feed the dog just right. Don’t go giving a small little puppy food that it has no business eating. Otherwise, you know what’s going to happen next. Yes, that’s right folks, it’s going to throw up. And there’s plenty of other tidbits you need to learn. Like how to take the dog for a good walk every day. Or how many times a year you need to take the creature to the vet. Especially at its young age, a few visits to the vet may be necessary. It is at this stage that the puppy needs to have its shots to prevent it from being infected by all the rabid diseases that go around.

And keeping the fleas and ticks away. And just imagine if the dog could stay cute its entire life. You can do that with akc schnauzer puppies, didn’t you know.